Because I have booked a flight to Zürich on 24th for a job meeting (a meeting is one step closer to actually living there, and if one meeting is not enough to get me there, I fix more meetings…) I thought I would check rental apartments around Zürich. Just to get an idea of prices […]

In September I got an invitation to a 14MY Land Rover event 8-9th November. Last Thursday, 7th November, I flew to Zürich where we stayed the first night in the Radisson Blu Hotel at Zürich Airport. The route for day one, Friday, was Zürich – Mulhouse – Vosges Mountains – Strasbourg, and the cars 2014 […]

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On day ten it was time to start the drive towards Munich, because I had to return the next day to BMW. I was supposed to take another route – turn left after the Munt la Schera Tunnel and head for road 27 in Switzerland. But I of course turned right after the tunnel. When […]

I woke up in a freezing cold Livigno. When you have been spoiled with a long summer (I moved to Italy in February = my summer started there, haha) the first real signs of an approaching winter are always a shock. Some hours later I would already be driving with the roof down in Switzerland, […]

One of the best days of this trip. Had a very relaxed day – short distance to drive. But instead time to enjoy the scenery. Stop whenever I wanted to because I had plenty of time to do it. Park the car. Sit down for an hour up on Umbrail Pass and watch my dog […]

First driving heaven dream come true on this trip – well, after Nürburgring, but I didn’t actually drive on the track so can’t count that in – was Grimsel Pass and right after it, Furka & Oberalp Pass. I don’t think many people would write about the world’s best driving roads without including them – […]

My first destination in Switzerland was Meiringen, a town in a valley surrounded by mountains – absolutely stunning location. Stayed with 3 guys there – I first booked only one night because Grimsel Pass is very close to Meiringen and that was my grand plan for Switzerland, but because of bad weather I ended up […]

My mum asked me today why I have not updated the blog. I told her I have like 15 drafts waiting to be published but so many photos (and videos) and everything and there is not enough free time after driving, eating, exploring and sleeping. But I will have to do something about it, so […]

Some days ago I found a link to an amazing house called Villa Am See located in the Alps, Switzerland and thought that is my dream house. But I just keep finding more and more gorgeous houses (and luxury garages) from that country. Seriously – Switzerland is the mecca of gorgeous villas and exotic garage […]