A video from Cars and Coffee Brescia on 12.4.2015. Amazing event – lovely locations, beautiful cars, friendly people, the incredible crowd of people waiting for the cars to arrive at the gates to the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia… Thank you, thank you! Nice cars brought a great bunch of petrolheads together from all over Europe and […]

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The first program I had on my #gt3tour was Cars & Coffee Brescia that is a car meeting by Cars & Coffee Italy. I saw it was the week before Top Marques and also on my route from Switzerland to Monaco, so of course I signed up for it. I had never before attended a […]

Yesterday was my first drive from Monaco up on the famous road Route de La Turbie, where we did a photo shoot as well. Incredible scenery and a small photo gallery will also follow in another post, but here is first a video of the drive. The video was filmed by my passenger who is […]

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First day exterior footage of the racing yellow 991 GT3 when I picked up the car from Stuttgart. Also a short run on the autobahn just to play to you some of the noise it makes (lovely), but autobahn unfortunately was mostly busy with traffic mid-day so not safe to try and go much faster. […]

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Yesterday morning I left early to Stuttgart to pick up the first road trip car of the year – a racing yellow Porsche 911 (991) GT3. First thing I got when I arrived was a factory tour at Porsche but the photo gallery from the factory tour will follow in a separate post and now […]

When we last year got a request to do a driving tour in Scotland I was not immediately excited about going. When I thought of Scotland I thought of rain and could just visualize what it would be to run a driving tour there if you get soaked as soon as you step out of […]