We arrived to Rimini today and finally the internet is fast enough to make posting enjoyable, portable WiFi is nice but noooot so fast. I arrived to Italy 23.5. and spent one night in Milan before moving forward to Bologna, where I spent almost one week.   So far I have tasted some amazing food […]

I remember when I last year uploaded a photo album of epic driving roads to Top Gear Suomi:s Facebook and oh those curves… many of the roads are in Europe, so Europe really is a driver’s heaven and a superb road trip destination. For example I will never forget the stunning views over the sea […]

One of our more interesting fashion designers from Finland is definitely Olav design by Jussi Salminen. Pieces are unisex, yes – even the dresses, and the collection “Shaved” is actually designed using human hair. Strange idea, but the bags and necklaces look good, so I suppose it does not matter what hair they have used […]


If tears start dropping when I watch a car wash video it might seem like it’s time to get some therapy, haha. I don’t know what the hell just happened. A witnessed not only one love story, but a few. Sometimes I wonder what it is that I miss that gives me these emotional breakdowns […]

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Because I rarely shop at H&M I have not been following what they have in stores right now, and today I found something that made me regret my lack of interest for this clothing chain. I found the next best thing after my retro Rip Curl wetsuit and it is most likely sold out everywhere […]

You are looking at a to-be summer favorite of mine. Found this Zara brown jumpsuit in Tallinn actually but they only had two sizes left there, S and L, so had to take the S although it was a little oversized on me. Then later I found an XS for sale and got that. I […]

Italy and Blogville Emilia Romagna is getting closer, I’ll be leaving in less than 3 weeks. Since I got confirmed I will spend a few weeks in Emilia Romagna I have been trying to find as much as possible to do while there. I am pretty restless, and perhaps even more in this case because […]

Black sheer maxi skirt – Zara, sleeveless top – Bik Bok, shoes – Lectric from Topshop & that shirt needs a date with an