– lifestyle society for sports car owners

Often when I talk with foreign people about Finland and sports cars, they imagine our sports car scene is very small here. It is true that because of our fcked up car taxes, there are not that many expensive super cars (and when you spot the really expensive ones, they are often registered somewhere else = owned by Finns that live abroad and just come for shorter visits).

But of course we do have sports car owners here (a lot of Japanese, a lot of Porsche, even Ferraris and Lamborghinis…) – and some of them are part of the lifestyle society ( ;-) ) Carfreaks, a website managed by a group of local sports car owners. I know one of the guys and he informed me about their track day, so had to go and check it out of course. I drove the MX-5 Roadster that weekend and can announce I was SO TEMPTED to take it out on the track but sadly the insurance did not cover any track activities… damn.

It was a busy track weekend in Finland with other track days as well – usually the Carfreaks events have more drivers attending, this time there were not that many cars on the track. But only for those GT3 RS sounds I do not mind driving a few hundred kilometers… Epic car, epic sounds! I love the GT-R as well but damn, it can not compete with those GT3 RS sounds!

Written by Sara Norris
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