I got the link to this Cafe Cowboy video about bike builder Dustin Kott, who makes custom British style Cafe racers out of old japanese bikes, emailed to me by a reader who had found this post, thank you. I’ve gotten some really nice messages from readers by the way, I just find it super inspiring […]

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I realized I have had the same songs pretty much the whole summer in my playlist. Not yet tired of any of them, so they must be really good? Maybe you manage to find one or a few you like too. And the video has nothing to do with the music, or in a way […]

I actually enjoyed Faenza a lot, although it would probably never cross my mind to do all this if I went to these places solo. But because it is the city of ceramics we visited the museum Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza and a potter with a small shop nearby (Geminiani Gino at 13 […]

If I post 96 photos from the Ferrari Museum in Maranello I am not allowed to write a novel here, I know, but I ca not keep my mouth completely shut either. What I want to say is, first of all, Ferrari open your factory doors because I want in! That’s actually a huge disappointment […]

When I told my mum about my plans to go drive around Europe for several months, one of her comments was something like “You need a boyfriend”. Who doesn’t, but the thing is you can’t really sit and wait for the right one before you start doing what you want to do. If I don’t […]

So. When I sat home in Helsinki before the trip to Italy planning things to do in Rimini, I thought of skydiving. It is something I’ve wanted to do for some years now and now seemed like a good time to actually do something about it and not just sit and dream. Found Skydive Fano […]