Wearing Zara snakeskin boots, “By the Lake” lace top – Cameo (love their stuff!), jeans – Pull & Bear

“But Acura barely sells any of these, just slightly more than 200 in the last year. Which is a shame, since we’re going to be looking back in the next few years and remember this car was a bargain that most everybody missed.” – 31:12 But luckily it is not too late now to do […]

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I do it with cars as well, sit and browse around the internet looking at cars I can not afford. From twin turbo Gallardos to supercharged NSX:s to RWB Porsches. So because I already have this “crave things you can not get” (of course I always try to balance things up, and then I move […]

In 2009 I bought a dress for a wedding. It is from the Australian brand Gripp Jeans and the dress was called Heart of Fire. Today it falls off me. Seriously, it falls off me. Numbers do not tell that much but obviously I can see that if I had some curves (= an ass) back […]

Ahhh I think this song is so magical… I can just listen to it over and over again. And now I want to see the movie Lost in New York as well (although it doesn’t have any superb reviews on IMDb but it can be interesting anyway). Available on Amazon. Today I have seriously been listening […]

I contacted Canon a month ago and asked if I could try out something better than what I have been using for the past 8 years, the EOS 300D. The truth is the only DSLR I have ever used and even tried has been the 300D (which means it has been a great camera), and […]

To him, his work is a piece of Art. It’s not the kind of work that can be repeated, each car is different and special. It depends on each owner and their satisfaction. If this car were done in Japan, he would sit down with you and have a conversation to study you and your […]

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My home decoration inspiration is at level zero right now because I just want to get a nice car, take my dog, and get out of this country and explore the world for a while. But when I am ready to settle down and have a nice permanent home, I want to fill it with […]

My new love. Wow. That blue jumpsuit is so insanely gorgeous – well all of the pieces below are, but especially the jumpsuit. It feels like I need it in my life. I can not believe Carlos Luna is not more widely known yet! Why haven’t people found this brilliant fashion designer? Like Carlos Luna […]

I plan to be in bikini shape first week of June in Rimini. I haven’t started with the workout yet though, maybe it would be about time now? Less than two months to go. To get in the mood so to say and have been doing guy stuff lately = been browsing around the internet […]

When I worked for Top Gear Finland I read a crazy amount of car news every day to find good stories for the social media platforms to write about. Now I don’t read as much as I used to and I am probably missing out on a lot of interesting news. But today I read about […]