Approx. two months ago my mum called me from a shop and told me she she was standing there trying on her dream jacket. 299€ for a jacket from MAKIA. She asked me should she buy it and I said no, it’s not worth the price. Around one week later she called me again, from […]

I have a few short video clips from Nokia World 2011, two first from Future Lounge. All shot with the Nokia Lumia 800 (do not ask me with what settings, I honestly didn’t even check, and these are original files = not edited) and now when I’ve seen these I have to admit that the […]

If I could predict the shoe size of my future boyfriend (if I ever get one again, I seem to have forgotten about love and only see dollar signs and sports cars in my dreams now – so much easier things to achieve in life), I would buy these NOW because we would look great […]