I just found a job that I really really want. First I want to be the guy in the video 2/5 at 8:38 – attaching the Porsche logo to the car. I would seriously cry every time I’d do it, that’s like giving birth to a child! Then I would run through the whole factory […]

I do not post outfit pics often. For many reasons. One is that I hate to pose in public places, when people walk by, I do not know why, I just feel stupid. Another one is that my Canon EOS 300D is quite heavy, so I seldom carry it with me when going out. Third […]

1991 NSX Turbo, photo loaned from sale ad on NSX Prime 1998 NSX-T, photo loaned from sale ad on NSX Prime 1995 Midnight Pearl NSX-T, photo loaned from sale ad on NSX Prime Images loaned from The NSX Blog / Oyagi Image loaned from NSX Prime member BATMANs Image loaned from NSX Prime member Exiled

Hervé L. Leroux must be one of the greatest gift God has given all of us women on this planet – and men of course, who get to enjoy the bodies that wear those dresses. Spotted this first dress in Marie Claire May 2011 issue and I’m absolutely SPEECHLESS. I did not find this dress, […]

Wakeboarding – one of the best things of summer Kiteboard: Liquid Force Aura / Bindings: Liquid Force Escalade   (Not my hairy legs by the way — but this is what a wakeskate grip tape is capable of)

I have not yet managed to figure out why female beauty is so unpresent in the car industry. Female beauty is not the ladies we see on the tuning magazine covers in their small bikinis and plastic body parts, and I’m not saying it to offend any of those ladies, but those photos are pornographic, […]

I’m still disappointed that I do not own the sold out Bec & Bridge Palamino heels yet. Do I Ebay search for them often? To be honest, almost daily. Maybe one day a 38 will find their way to me, I hope so. Now Bec & Bridge came out with a new pair of shoes, […]