After every winter there’s a summer. And I need a few new bikinis. Some weeks ago I wrote about Mikoh Swimwear but sadly some of my favorite pieces from the site are sold out in my size and also it’s not a cheap brand. On Shopbop I found a nice bikini from CALi DREAMiNG, but […]

We’re going to Greece in April as a bunch of 6 persons for approx. 1 week. 4 nights will be in the Villa Piedra, Corfu. The last 2-3 nights will be in Athens. Have you been to Athens? What are the must see’s and do’s, where’s the best (budget friendly) shopping, anyone have some nice […]

Early 2011 highlight would be when the FINNSURF documentary by Pablo Films will be released. Watch the trailer and you know what I mean. I first saw this trailer at the Euro Gap World Premiere in November, and since then I’ve stalked their website to see when and where the full version can be found. […]

I just happened to find my dream snowboard outfit yesterday (basically I stopped browsing for Zara shoes on Ebay and tried some different search keywords for a change!). It’s actually surprisingly hard to find jackets you like, the pants I don’t care about too much, but the jacket has to fit my taste. So nothing […]

I almost died when I saw THIS. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this one, this is sensational. I want it to be my pet. love  (lv) n. 4. An intense emotional attachment, as for a pet or treasured object.

Inspired by the amazing carbon fiber built cars out there, I once did a google search for carbon fiber heels. Which car girl would not love to own an amazing pair of heels that actually have a heel made from carbon fiber? I would! I didn’t find many so this idea is still fresh in […]