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I think this site deserves a new start. I have a huge amount of nice content that I want to share somewhere, and the most obvious choice for most of the stuff is of course this blog. Sure, I do have some other writing projects, but this website is just me. From me to you.

Those who are connected to me on Twitter or Facebook might already know what I have done since my return from Italy, where I have been, where I am now. Giving up after 2,5 months in Italy was for me a big deal. I had to put a dream on hold because I did not know how to actually be able to stay there anymore – I gave up a job that made my stay in Italy (mainly financially at that time) possible. Sure, I could have stayed anyway and try to build a new life in Italy with new projects, but I just felt so damn alone and small in that country that I returned to Helsinki over the summer. It was not a permanent solution and I knew that when the summer is over I need to again decide where to move on next.

I still had the dream of starting a real life in Italy – or if not Italy, then maybe France or Germany. For those who wonder what I mean with real life, I might actually mean to settle down. Something that probably does not suit my personality at all – I like to move around and I probably get bored in one place quite easily as well. But I have a feeling that it would be good for me to find my place on this planet. I am only 25 years old and I have moved around 17 times in my life. I have packed and unpacked a lot of boxes, and I have been on airports with all my stuff and a dog ready to start a new life, and I have later been on airports again with all my stuff and a dog, now knowing what to do with my life next. And, I am still searching for a solution that will fill me with a feeling that this is home, for good.

September 6th I moved to Düsseldorf

“Why Düsseldorf?” people ask. Standard answer is “I do not know”. There is a reason why I did not stay in Italy and there is a reason why my flight on September 6th did not go to Milan instead. Italy feels way more complicated to move to than Germany. It might not actually be, and it might just be an attitude thing, but I needed an easier start. Is this the city where I want to live forever? Most likely not. But I am here now for a while and if I later feel now I want to go to Italy or somewhere else, then I go. When I am ready and know what I want.

To be able to do something you love

This summer I test drove a bunch of cars in Helsinki for a car website I launched together with a friend in Finland – Digiauto. I have never really been a fan of car “reviews” (some exceptions of course – like evo, Top Gear etc) and now I am trying to do something like that myself (so far only in Finnish and Swedish, but soon they will be available here in English). Feels like a lot of journalists just take the technical data and paste it in an article and write a few sentences about the car. Great – but you forgot to actually make me want to test drive the car. Emotion is hard to put on paper. When is something so good that you want other people to experience it too? And how do you express that feeling? It is a real challenge. Also to find a good team of people to help you with everything (videos etc).

Test drives

I have made great new contacts. Some opportunities I skip. Some result in contracts. Fun ideas. The one thing I am most happy about is that although it is sometimes hard, and sometimes I wonder if I should have chosen some other career paths in life with a normal day job (and then I might actually be driving my NSX by now = better paid), I strongly believe there is a place for me in the world of car journalism and automotive PR. It is not easy, and definitely not easy money.

But when I wake up four in the morning just to get that morning fog for a car photo, the highway is empty and in the rear-view mirror I see a purple sunrise, and I drive a nice car… That is my happy moment. It is worth fighting for.

Maybe find someone to love

Could be nice.



The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.


Thank you

People I know, online and offline, family, friends: Thank you for support, time, help, a shoulder, and sometimes for words that mean more than you can imagine. I have amazing people in my life and I am glad to have you all. Just needed to tell you that. I might tell my mum daily that I love her, but it is unfortunately too easy to forget to show your appreciation to a lot of the other people in your life. I do care ♥

Now when I got all this said, it is time to prepare some new posts for the blog!

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