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I have to celebrate a little. One year of single life! The best part is that during these 365 days I have actually been on a date only once. Which means I am right now more focused on making my dreams reality, instead of desperately looking for someone who wants to share my dreams with me. I like that kind of prioritizing, it is alright to be alone if you can not find what you want. And the only person in my life right now pushing me down, or stopping me from doing what I want to do, is myself. And trust me, I am fighting back to overcome my own insecurities.

… But if I have to do a post “Two years of single life” next year, then I at least hope I have had a few more dates, because otherwise I am being too picky.


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  • viljasormunen says:

    @getpalmd Congrats!

  • DarraghMcKenna says:

    @getpalmd better then 18.8 years

  • Ben_Moores says:

    Good luck Sara and congrats on the new wheels!  What motor does it have?

    • getpalmd says:

       @Ben_Moores Haaa Ben this isn’t even funny, but I get adult points for this: leaving tomorrow with a 1998 Audi A4 Avant B5 (1.8 I4 20v DOHC). And no, I did not buy it, I wouldn’t buy a car like this myself. But as a two month apartment on the road, it’s pretty good – although I might still regret I didn’t get the Porsche for this trip, but I’ll have one after the trip instead :) This is easier to sleep in…

      • Ben_Moores says:

         @getpalmd I think you made the right choice.  The 1.8T VAG motor is a great little motor.  Enjoy your trip and drive safely.  Look forward to the pics from the Paris Auto Show.

  • keane says:

    I never thought of you as someone who was insecure, if that helps. I think I have the opposite problem. I probably prefer being single way too much (not that NOT being single is such a bad thing either). :)

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