This guy is only 17 years old!! I’m speechless. AMAZING IMAGES. Find more images on his blog Picture Puttonen (superb outfit pictures as well, such a stylish guy) and like on Facebook to support his work. Images by Mikko Puttonen, loaned from his blog.

I wasn’t sure if I should post a review or not as I wondered can I say something that hasn’t been said yet. But I thought that perhaps I can offer a different point of view, because I belong to that group of people that maybe read reviews on tech websites, but a lot of […]

Those that follow my blog or Twitter might know that I have one car that I adore more than anything else: the Honda NSX. The first classic model, with the pop up headlamps and the perfect body. That’s the one car in life I HAVE to own and my plan is to buy one as […]

I’m so inefficient because I have a brand new Liquid Force kiteboard and a brand new APO snowboard but no kite or harness yet so I’m not getting anywhere (or I used the kiteboard as a wakeboard last summer, but it’s not what it’s made for…). Time to do something about it I think = […]

I just realized, 9 months later, that I’ve forgotten to publish my Athens photos. I posted everything from Corfu but somehow totally forgot about the Athens pics and no, it’s not because it’s a lame city, but perhaps there wasn’t as much to photograph as I found on Corfu. I found poppies and bees and […]

Found such a cool website with cinemagraphs that I am speechless, it is funny how such an old method as .gif can still be used to create something this wonderful. Images are from the by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. You have to check out the “Food” page as well, those were videos so […]

DC Design is an Indian company with a gallery full of some really odd concept designs and in 2 days they are revealing the sports car from India at Auto Expo. Ironically, I really look forward to this, because their past portfolio is quite intimidating. You know what’s also really fascinating? That the designer guys […]