Ooooh I want these sequin sneakers from Tarsala Creation, a company owned by Finnish shoe designer Juha Tarsala! My gold mania is still here, if it’s not a bicycle it’s a Ferrari or a pair of shoes. I love his dress shoes for men as well, if I were a guy, hell yea… I know […]

I can not get palm trees and beaches in the background but no can do, I will show you anyway what I am wearing. Just so I will not forget that even though it is winter (= raining all the time) you can still wear nice clothes. At least it is a way to cheer […]

I have written about this previously in a blog post but now I want to bring up the subject again, however this time with some (for me) more positive news. Because I discovered some car + girl photos online that I actually like. How often does that happen? Rarely. It is the one thing that […]

Japan is a candy shop that I really want to go to. I’m just afraid that when the day comes and I am there, I will suddenly be the owner of (at least) 5 inexpensive JDM cars because I can’t resist them, and have no garage for them back home. Problems. Can we collect a […]

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Some red carpet events needed, those dresses are fabulous! I almost think Aje became my number one favorite fashion brand from Australia now, not that I don’t adore Bec & Bridge, Sass & Bide, Shakuhachi, Ellery etc anymore… but wow, these collections are just outstanding. So some of my favorite pieces (read: I want them […]

SERIOUSLY. myAkrapovic on Youtube – I like. And haha… I’ve been on a road trip in a Renault Clio last summer. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A CLIO, they are raw beasts underneath that (fairly unattractive) bodyshell (at least if you have RS or Williams after the name and add a new exhaust system […]

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When I tested the Nokia Lumia 800 in London my biggest fear was that the camera would not be good enough for me – I have after all tried the N8 camera and thought it would be impossible to beat in the smartphone world (not that I loved the still shots it produced, but the […]