The Skysuka sold for €15.100 to a person who’s going to take apart the vehicle and sell the parts.. he has a 600-800 hp street legal car and he’s going to destroy it because the money is worth more.. I had to throw in a pissed off comment to the auction topic when it ended […]

Seriously, this is such a one of a kind deal that I have to shout out about it. A ’92 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, producing 630-670 hp with twin turbo and +800 hp with single turbo. The owner has spent around €80.000 on the car so the price speaks for itself, it’s built with quality […]

I’m always super excited about interesting car documentaries! If you haven’t seen one of the best so far made, Love the Beast, watch it. If you like Jeremy Clarkson, have a look at some of his car documentaries – Thriller, Duel etc.. great selection and fun to watch. But now to something new. In the […]